And the journey begins! - Elect Sim for Ward 10

Tuesday 20 June 2017

And the journey begins!

Greetings! On June 19th I have submitted my Notice of Intent to run for the Edmonton City Council.  Between now and the election day on October 16, I will be reaching out to the great residents of Ward 10 to ask for their support. Through this page, but most importantly through our informal conversations at your doorstep or a local soccer field, I hope to hear what your concerns and priorities are for your community and for our city. Also, through this page I will try to explain where I stand on the issues Ward 10 faces specifically, and our city faces in general. I would love to be your new voice at the City Council.

My campaign is all about finding ways to Tap the Potential.

Tapping the potential means not only identifying the right projects to focus on, but doing/implementing them RIGHT. Tapping the potential means finding creative ways to stretch the resources we already have and that starts with tapping the potential of the people who make this city great. Tapping the potential means focusing on the journey/process, so everyone involved in it can grow and learn from it. My campaign will especially focus on women and the newcomers, because I believe they represent two major group of constituents whose engagement in municipal politics is absolutely critical for us to realize our city's full potential. Please check out the Tap the Potential section of my website to learn more about how I hope to engage more women and newcomers, not only in my campaign but more specifically in shaping the future of Edmonton.

Edmonton is already a great city, but together we can make it even a better one!

If you have ideas to help us realize Edmonton's and Ward 10's full potential, please consider joining my campaign.

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