Tap the Potential of Edmonton - Elect Sim for Ward 10

Tap the Potential of Edmonton

Edmonton is already a great city but together we can make it better! I believe good leadership isn't always about throwing money into any and every project. It's about connecting the right people, with the right resources. It's about stretching the resources you have through creative, out-of-the box solutions. It's about finding opportunities to create win-win solutions for your various stakeholders, and sometimes it's about making compromises.

I have lived and worked in so many cities in my life, but Edmonton is the city I have loved living in the most. That's why I am running for City Council. I believe our city has so much potential, and I want to make sure we can tap into it. Here's how I think we can do it:


We all agree continuous growth of Edmonton outward is not sustainable in the long run. Resources required to maintain the quality of city services would mean further increases in taxes, or a general trend for deteriorating service levels. Though increasing density in the mature neighbourhoods appear to be a common goal majority of Edmontonians share, we increasingly feel like City Hall is telling us what our communities should look like, rather than asking us what we want for our communities. Working with residents, and bringing community members together to build a long term vision for increasing density in their neighbourhoods will potentially help eliminate barriers for developers in the long run. Advocating for early and better community engagement is not about being against development. On the contrary, having a shared vision for a community has the potential to eliminate so much red tape and move the development so much faster. Ward 10 has one of the highest percentage of neighbourhoods that has no redevelopment plan in effect. It's no wonder the residents of the mature neighbourhoods in Ward 10 are frustrated. If elected, my priority will be to work with community members to develop that shared vision for the community, and then to find the resources to make those plans come to reality.


Like many Edmontonians, I believe that we need to find better ways of moving people around the city. If we want more people to use public transit, we need to realize that we have to build a convenient, reliable, accessible, and cost-effective solution for potential transit users. I will advocate for implementing BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) solutions to areas where expanding the LRT is not an viable or cost effective solution. Building large surface lots near prime transit locations may not be the most effective use of land, but there are also parking technologies that offer vertical parking solutions in a very small footprint. I will advocate for increased park & ride solutions in areas feeding into main transit centres. The new communities in Ward 10 will need fast, and convenient ways of commuting to work. As we increase density in the old neighbourhoods we will also have to think of ways to utilize the potential of our existing transportation systems most effectively.

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