About Ward 10 - Elect Sim for Ward 10

About Ward 10

Ward 10 Map
Recent expansion of Edmonton especially towards the south and south west side of the city has resulted in the redrawing of the Ward boundaries for 2017.

As of 2017, the Ward 10 City Councillor will be representing 7 more communities, namely Blackburne, Richford, Cashman, Blackmud Creek, Cavanagh, Callaghan, and Allard.

Since she moved to Canada in 2011, Sim has lived in Parkallen and Pleasantview, two of the older communities of Ward 10. Though she is a long time resident of the Ward, it would be presumptuous to assume that all residents of the Ward have the same priorities or expectations. With many new neighbourhoods on the South and aging ones on the North, with the Blackmund and Whitemud Creek Ravines on the West, and with the numerous businesses it houses along the Calgary Trail and Gateway Boulevard, Ward 10 probably represents one of the most diverse areas of Edmonton.

During the campaign period, and as a Councillor it will be Sim's priority to engage with as many people as possible from each community to understand those diverse needs.

You can use the links below to access the specific page we have created for each community, and then use the comments section of the website to provide us feedback about the issues you care about, and tell us how we can best tap the potential of your community.